Buggy tour

A completely different perspective from where you can experience an off-road adventure is that of a buggy tour. Leave the beaten track and let yourself be carried through the dense forests and over a wide variety of rough terrain.
You never know what lies behind the next hill or around the next bend. Put your skill to the test in a challenging and adventurous way while exploring the vast park.
The instructor determines the routes while driving based on your experience and skill. This way the buggy tour is completely tailored to you! Are you ready for this surprising challenge?

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The buggy tour

We have the latest side-by-side models, where the instructor sits next to you and can easily guide you through the countless different types of terrain. Have your skill tested in a completely personalized buggy tour.
These super light off-road two-seater have a very flexible suspension and surprisingly spicy engines. Because you are low to the ground, the sense of speed is even more intense. What’s more, Fursten Forest gives you plenty of room to get the most out of this exciting tour!

Before and during the tour

The buggy tour starts with a clear explanation about how to drive these surprising vehicles. An experienced instructor teaches you and the other participants the basics of responsible buggy riding. This way you get the most out of your buggy adventure in a responsible way!
After the explanation, it is time to put this basis into practice. Under the guidance of an instructor, you plunge into the specially laid out trail for the buggy on site. This trail is full of challenging obstacles: exciting slopes, dusty roads, mud and puddles. All kinds of terrain pass by and each offers a different challenge.
Afterwards you have an experience to talk about for a long time to come!


To participate in the buggy tour, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You have a valid driver’s license B;
  • You are 18 years or older;
  • You sign an own risk statement.
  • * 2 people per buggy possible

It is possible that the organizer cancels the quad tour in case of extremely bad weather conditions (heavy frost, snow, thick fog or heavy rain).


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