Laser gaming

Feel your senses sharp and the adrenaline rush through your body as you find your way through the dark arena, searching for the enemy and not knowing what may have been hiding behind the next wall.
The former function of Fursten Forest as a training ground for the army lends itself perfectly to the ideal laser game environment. Enter one of the old barracks with your team, which has been converted into a mysterious arena. Spectacular light and sound effects complete the sensation!
Battle with friends or family, or challenge your colleagues to this unique laser game experience.

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The arena

It is dark around you. The little bit of light only comes from a few colored light sources. The light can betray where your enemy is, but lose your attention and before you know it, the enemy has you in sight!
Sneak through this darkened arena, hide behind obstacles and in buildings. Do you know how to get hold of that ideal place to get rid of your enemy?

The game

A laser game is played in a dark labyrinth with special light and sound effects to complete the mysterious, exciting experience. Each player is assigned to a team and receives a laser gun and a vest that records laser beams on you. Take out your opponent with the infrared rays or activate one of the many mines in the playing field to give your vest special powers.
At the end of the game you will receive both the individual scores and the team performance. Will you give your team the victory?


There are a number of conditions attached to laser gaming:

  • You are at least 10 years old and 140 cm tall;
  • Maximum 10 people per heat.
  • 1 game = 15 minutes


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