Quad tour

At Fursten Forest, it’s all about experiencing that ultimate adrenaline rush. Quad biking is no exception! Explore a large part of the challenging terrain of our off-road park with a quad. Conquer steep hills, tear through deep puddles and maneuver skillfully through the trees and other obstacles on your path. The unique combination of speed, maneuverability and power makes driving a quad a sensational experience and a great way to explore the vast park. Do you know how to conquer the rough terrain?

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The quad tour

The quad tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced. You will receive detailed instructions prior to this adventurous tour through the park. In this way you and your fellow participants become familiar with driving a quad and the do’s and don’ts while driving it.
After a few practice laps you are ready to start the real adventure!
Let the route lead you through the nature of Fursten Forest, over challenging routes and rough terrains. The quad tour guarantees a lot of variety and adrenaline. Feel more adventurous and alive than ever while the trees on both sides fly past you and maneuver up steep hills.


During a stopover at the Bivouac you have the opportunity to recover from the efforts made and all impressions of the activity and the park. After this stop you will be fully charged for the next part of this challenging ride!


To participate in quad driving, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You have a valid driver’s license B;
  • You are 18 years or older;
  • You sign a liability statement.

It is possible that the organizer cancels the quad tour in the event of extremely bad weather conditions (heavy frost, snow, thick fog or heavy rain).

Free driving with your own quad

Do you own a quad and do you want to explore the vast terrain of Fursten Forest? Which can! You have every freedom to take on the challenge of this varied environment with your own quad. You must of course adhere to the Green Code and the conditions that apply to this activity (see above under “conditions”).
Quad biking is allowed alone or in a group. All vehicles must be MOT approved and insured.


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